O’Kenny Craft Spirits Headquarters

2 International Dr, Pembroke, ON K8A 6W5
(613) 281-1825

Christmas Hours 
Full Gift Shop and Spirits Retail Store

Tuesday – Thursday: 11 am – 6 pm

Friday – Saturday: 11 am – 9 pm

Sundays: 12 noon – 5 pm

Mondays: Closed

Closed: Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Milano’s Pizzeria

3515 Petawawa Boulevard, Petawawa, ON K8H 1X1
(613) 687-2080

Sunday-Thursday 11am-9pm
Friday and Saturday 11am-10pm

O’KENNY Products kept in stock: 7 spirits in 2 sizes, chocolates, and merchandise

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Craft Products delivered for free to this location: Over 250 Local Product

Conveniently open late.

The Warehouse

57 Raglan St S, Renfrew, ON K7V 1P8
(613) 432-6600

Regular Hours:
Monday–Wednesday 9am- 6pm
Thursday & Friday 9am – 8pm
Saturday 9am – 5pm
Sunday 10am – 4pm

Products kept in stock: Spirits and merchandise

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Products delivered for to this location for pick up: Over 250 Local Products

MJ Butcher Co.

4 Elgin St W, Arnprior, ON K7S 1N3
(613) 623-2222

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Regular Hours:
Tuesday – Friday 11am-6pm
Saturday 10am-4pm
Sunday & Monday Closed

Products kept in stock: Spirits and merchandise

Products delivered to this location for pickup: Over 250 Local Products

Beckers Pembroke

Opening Soon: 868 Pembroke St. W, Pembroke ON K8A 5P7
(613) 735-6666

Another Convenient O’Kenny Location Opening Soon

Purchase on-site or order ahead. Speedy Home Deleiver coming soon.

Products kept in stock: Spirits merchandise and tonnes of mixers and beverages

Conveniently open Late.

O’Kenny Craft Spirits is now being called the People’s Distillery, because YOU have a say in what we do. Our best achievements come directly from our customer’s opinions and ideas. 

O’Kenny Craft Spirits has the responsibility to produce local spirits that taste better than the options from the large foreign distilleries.

Our community has helped us along the way to develop spirits that are now chosen regularly as “favourite” in blind taste tests with the best spirits on the market.


It took 13 months of hard research, lol, to develop our first O’Kenny blended rye whisky. We tested the 15 most popular brands of whisky to identify which whisky taste profiles were preferred.  WE also found out what we could do to improve them. It took over 800 blind tast tests through 5 rounds of taste tests to choose the final blend of O’Kenny blended Rye Whisky.  O’Kenny’s first whisky sold out before Christmas 2019 and again before New Years. Our final taste test was done in January when we caught our breath. We wanted to compare our new O’Kenny Rye Whisky against this best whisky that we identified out of the most popular 15. We did 49 head to head taste tests with the question, “Which do you like better?”. We kept our hopes reasonable. I tie with the best tasting whisky would be a great result for us. We were astonished that 40 out of 49 tasters picked O’Kenny as their favourite. This was completely blind! They identified the smooth finish as the deciding factor. Please taste O’Kenny Rye Whisky and tell us if it is YOUR favourite.


We understand that a vodka should be neutral without taste or aroma. We wanted ours to stand out, so how do we make a neutral tasting, neutral smelling vodka better than others? We make it smoother; so smooth that sometimes people are convinced they are drinking water. Although our vodka is distilled to 95% as most vodkas are to leave a completely neutral spirit, we are able to filter it enough in small batches to remove much of the harsh burn. The burn of many vodkas masks the remaining taste of the source ingredient. The sweet taste of our corn is still evident in our O’Kenny vodka because your taste buds are not shocked by a harsh burn. We have done over 100 blind taste tests against a much more expensive vodka and our vodka was chosen as the smoothest in over 60% of the tastings.

All future products will be developed with the same ground up method with the help of our local customers giving their opinions and ideas.

We are proud of our local farmers in Ontario and believe we should produce our spirits with locally grown ingredients.

Reuben and Keanan Stone of Valley Bio have come on board to help O’Kenny reach our goal of using ingredients grown and processed close to our distillery in Pembroke, Ontario. They produced a crop of malt barley that achieved the highest quality results ever recorded in Ontario. With raw ingredients this good available from the farmers down the road, it makes it clear that sprits made in Ontario should be made with local grain. We believe we should have at least 6 O’Kenny Craft Distilleries in Ontario so that everyone can purchase an O’Kenny Craft Spirit made with ingredients grown in their region.
We have found a way to produce exceptional tasting spirits with local grain to keep more profits in our local communities.

Find better options to keep your money in your communities

Attractive, expensive, sexy bottles are used by distilleries 1 single time before they are returned for 20 cents. They are then crushed and sold for pennies per pound. They are then shipped many miles to a manufacturer to make them back into bottles. Distilleries spend millions of dollars to buy expensive, new, attractive bottles to package their spirits for another single-use. O’Kenny has found a very simple way to keep all this money in the communities where our spirits are purchased. Instead of spending the $1.80 per bottle for new bottles, we prefer to purchase our unique swing-top O’Kenny bottles back from our customers. We would rather reuse these pristine spirit bottles. These bottles are returned with a small amount of our 40 to 50% alcohol remaining in the bottom. This keeps them sanitized until we wash them for refilling. Our customers get 2 O’Kenny bucks towards their next O’Kenny purchase. These are the simple methods we use to produce premium tasting spirits without the extra costs associated with craft distilleries. We also employ local people to produce and distribute our products.

Support all our local small businesses

O’Kenny Craft Spirits collaborates with many small businesses that benefit our communities. We get support for packaging, distribution, advertising, sale, administration, and we offer opportunities to many more. When you support O’Kenny Craft Spirits, your support continues to other local businesses. Our website features over 200 products produced locally that we distribute with our O’Kenny products.

Happy Customers

Friendly, professional service.
Valley born & supplied products!

Cyndi Jones

Buying & supporting local , showroom is well presented including local crafters, bring your empty bottles back and request o’Kenny’s when you’re out at local restaurants!

Tammy Mellon

Very friendly and knowledgeable!

Sue Demers Judges

Their rye is very smooth, wonderful just on ice. Love the atmosphere and all of the unique products. Staff is very friendly and informative, check it out!!

Sue Jenkins

Very smooth vodka! Love the taste!

Dee Milakovic Colborne

Impressed by the variety of local products available in showroom! Tea, honey, coffee & one of a kind rustic artwork – and of course great taste testing! I can’t wait until their rye & moonshine are ready for purchase.
Support of Renfrew County local producers, makers & artists is evident in all O’Kenny does. Definitely a great place for Christmas shopping. The t-shirts are comfy too, definitely my new favourite 💕

Jenn Mike Doelman

Great products and a nice venue in Pembroke.

Elizabeth Roesler

Excellent service ordering from the website.

Lori Wiesenberg-Moss

Liquid gold best rye hands down! Love it !!

Steve Selway

Amazing people, with a locally made spirit. If your looking for a gift for someone… these guys have an assortment of products.
Friendly staff.

Anne Boal

O’Kenny’s is a great addition to the Pembroke (and Renfrew County) authentic experience. In a unique and beautiful space, with obvious pride in creation, the craft spirits don’t disappoint. I was fortunate to sample some of the spirits and was surprised that despite preferring Rum, in a blind taste test, the Whiskey was my favourite.

Ann Maika-Chartrand

The best rye and vodka I have ever tasted.

Brad Kennedy

I tried it for the first time and it’s a smooth and great tasting rye whisky. The delivery was fast and friendly. Will be ordering again.

Jason Vanderhoek

I purchased the rye. Beautiful bottle. Great price. Friendly staff and cute spot. I love that he has other local representation. Rye is perfect – not sharp or sweet. Smooth.

Melodie Noelle

Moonshine and vodka are very smooth drinking.

Guy Audet

Received a bottle of Rye as a Christmas gift – very, very smooth!!!…a big recommend!

Bev Buchanan

A very generous, community-minded business! Truly an amazing place!

Danielle Lloyd Colacci

Thank you for a great tasting session on Friday night with my work colleagues. Your products are amazing and everyone loved your knowledge of spirits too. 😁 Last night I had an O’Kenny Lemon Drop Martini at Anthony’s Italian Grill. It was yummy!

Kathy Barbara

Taste tested their whiskey!! So smooth!! Cheers to that!!

Marianne Minns

They make good products like hand sanitizer and beer. Good service friendly staff.

Suzanne Lariviere Dupuis

Amazing product and service, not to mention generous community awareness!

Shannon Howatt

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