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A blend of Corn and Rye Whisky that was designed specifically to meet the tastes of Ottawa Valley Patrons. After 13 months of blind taste comparisons of regular Ottawa Valley folk, we uncovered the taste that would best satisfy our patrons.

40% alc./vol 750ml

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This blended whisky is comprised of once distilled rye whisky with twice distilled corn whisky. It was aged in small batch barrels to give it an impressively smooth finish. Enjoy.

Extreme effort was taken to produce a whisky that would taste better than whiskies that were currently available. The first round of tastings were completely blind. We chose 15 of the most popular rye whiskies and conducted 13 months of blind tastings. We determined which 2 whiskies were picked as favourite most often without the influence of branding or packaging. We designed our O’Kenny Canadian Rye Whisky to be a similar flavour profile but with a smoother finish. Our customers were responsible for the final tasting that determined the final blend of rye to corn whisky. Our final blind tasting confirmed that 40 out of 49 tasters chose O’Kenny over the whisky that we had identified as the best on the market.

This success was achieved because our customers were involved in every step of the process. Thank you very much.

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