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Single Malt Whisky available for pre-order

Bottling date is April 2022, aging to 3 years in #3 char oak barrels. Single Malt Canadian Whisky 100% malted barley.

Invest in O’Kenny Craft Spirits future.  We have a limited number of bottles of this special Single Malt Whisky left for pre order.  You will receive a signed Certificate of Appreciation and all purchasers are invited to attend the exclusive Bottling Celebration in May with 1 guest. This is where you will be presented with your rare bottle of Barrel #1 of O’Kenny Single Malt Whisky. If you require delivery anywhere across Canada it is payable after bottling.  Each recipient can sign barrel #1. The barrel will be retired after bottling and displayed publicly in a place of distinction. You can bring your friends to see your signature for years to come. Thank You for your support.

45% alc./vol 750ml

Out of stock



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