Welcome to O’Kenny River Tubing
Pembroke, Ontario

We Specialize in Fun!

O’Kenny Craft Spirits purchased a beautiful 4-acre property on the banks of the Muskrat River in 2019 as the location to produce our fine craft spirits. This is our 3rd year playing in and learning about the Muskrat River. The Muskrat River offers the perfect mix of the calm lazy river and exciting rapids. It is great for kayaking, however, in some shallow spots, it is too challenging for inexperienced kayakers to get over the shallow rocks. These shallow rocks actually make it perfect for river-tubing. The tubes just bump into the rocks and it makes for a fun ride instead of a dangerous ride. Once we tried tubing, we knew we couldn’t keep this awesome tubing river a secret. We are so keen to provide you with the gear, the services, and the information you need for an awesome and safe self-guided adventure.

CURRENT CONDITIONS: Upper run: very low, float time up to 4 hours. at the end of the run there are multiple spots where tubes get stopped on rocks. Heavier tubers may need to walk through a couple shallow spots. Good footware is important. (old running shoes or sandles)

The Gear

We purchased a fleet of deluxe river tubes designed for running rocky rivers. This is the essential gear that we rent to you. We recommend bringing your own life jackets and paddles if you have them. We have a limited number of life jackets and paddles which we can rent to you for $3.

The Services

We can arrange for a shuttle service so that your vehicle will be waiting for you at the end of your run. This is a flat $7 per person fee. Parking is free at our distillery property. We suggest that only your driver needs the shuttle.

The Information

We take videos of tubers on the river under various river conditions. We want you to see these videos on Facebook or Instagram @O’Kenny River Tubing. We want you to know what to expect before you book your tubes. We have a monitoring station on the river that gives us real time data on river flow, river level, water temperature and air temperature and we watch the weather closely. We provide a briefing on river conditions and directions for a fun and safe SELF GUIDED run on the Muskrat River before you take your tubes.

Booking Options

Booking in advance helps us prepare for your visit, but we will try to accommodate last-minute planners too.

Same Day Show Up and Go

If you can’t book 1 or 2 days in advance, we have plenty of tubes available most days so we may have space for a small group to join our run that has already been booked. It is MUCH better to book in advance. Call ahead to see if we have a run organized with space for you.  613 281-1825

Next Day Bookings

Send an eTransfer deposit with a minimum of 24 hours notice to reserve your tube and shuttle. See booking directions.

30-day Advance Bookings

Reserves your tubes on the day you choose and you get the early booking discount.

River Tubing Times: We offer a 1pm run everyday. When our regular 1 pm run is fully booked, we open the 4 pm or 10 am option.

Arrival: Please arrive 30 minutes to 1 hour before your start time to register and get prepared; If you show up late you may delay the briefing and everyone’s start time. You may forfeit your deposit if you don’t arrive early enough to get registered.

Waiver: Every tube rented requires a waiver completed for the tuber. A parent or gaurdian must complete waivers for tubers under 18.

Briefing: Please arrive 1 hour before your briefing time to register, relax and get prepared; If you show up late you may delay the briefing and everyone’s start time. You may forfeit your deposit if you don’t arrive early enough to get registered.

Start Time: We start after your briefing. The upper run requires a 5 minute shuttle ride so we will try to shuttle you in the order that you arrived. Relax and enjoy our 4 acre property while you wait for your shuttle. The Snack Shack is open everyday accept Mondays. The end of this upper run ends right at your vehicle.

Quick Start: Your driver can take a map to the “put in” at 37 Thrasher Lane and deliver their passengers early to the put in. (5 minute drive)  The passengers can relax in the tubes while the driver returns the vehicle to our distillery. We can then take the driver back in the first shuttle.

Duration: (1 ½ – 3 hour float time) There are 2 factors. The river decides on it’s speed but you decide on how much paddling you do. It’s basically, choose your own adventure. On the same day we had a group take 1 1/2 hours and another group take 3 1/2 hours.

Stuff To Know


O’Kenny River Tubing operates at the 4-acre O’Kenny Craft Spirits property at 2 International Drive, Pembroke, ON. We are approximately 90 minutes from Ottawa. We are 200 meters off the Trans-Canada Highway on the beautiful Muskrat River.


Relax and extend your stay: We have a hotel beside us and a hotel across the road. We have RV sites and a trailer available. We have new tent campsites along the river.

Food (3 Terrific Options)

On-site, Norki’s Snack Shack is cooking amazing food truck fair every day from 11 to 7 except Mondays. Their amazing food has developed a loyal following for their smash burger, fish ‘n chips, and specialty poutines. See their full menu on Facebook.

More amazing meals are available a short walk across the road at Westwinds Restaurant or The Big Stop Restaurant.

Additional Details

Being prepared is the best way to keep safe. We provide ample resources and information in advance of booking so you can make the best decisions. We monitor our river station upstream closely for real-time data on water flow, water level, water temperature, and air temperature. Watch the videos on Facebook or Instagram of tubers going down the river. You can gauge the intensity of the tube run by others who have gone down under similar river conditions. You can see the reactions of people of differing ages, sizes and comfort levels and decide if it is right for your people. Capsizing a tube is rare, however, this is a possibility that you should be aware of. If you tip out of your tube, maneuver with your tube to a suitable shallow spot and put your but back in the tube.

Alcohol and drugs: We will not rent tubes to anyone that is inebriated by alcohol or drugs.

Waiver: There is a short waiver to sign so that you acknowledge the risks of activities on the river.

PFD’s: We don’t require you to rent a PFD. We encourage you to bring your own PFD because a properly fitted lifejacket is usually better than a rental. We can’t keep a supply of every size for every person available. If you think you need or want a PFD for yourself or a child, you should always use one that is the correct size and bring it with you. We have a small supply of universal-sized PFDs to rent for $3. Your river tubes are designed with a backup safety air chamber. If the main chamber gets punctured and deflates, the safety chamber will keep you afloat to get to shore or in some cases you can complete the run with just the back up chamber inflated.

Health: We suggest that your health and fitness should be adequate to deal with the possible unexpected outcomes such as falling into the river or walking up and down the rugged trails.

Age Limits: We cannot regulate how or who uses our equipment because you are not using it on our property and we are not sending a guide to supervise you. You get to set all your own limits on age or size and you are responsible for your safety of yourselves. So far, we have seen people from 5 to 70 enjoy the river safely.

For our part, we make sure we only rent equipment to adults that are demonstrating responsibility and are able to make safe decisions for themselves and the people in their care.

Size Limits: We do not set a lower or upper size limit for our tubes.  We recommend small children should use a tube with a bottom so they don’t slide through. Our upper size limit will be determined if necessary. Tubes are less stable.

Weather Safety: A beautiful day can quickly turn into a downpour. If this happens, we suggest looking for a suitable shore to maneuver under trees for protection. If you hear thunder or see lightning get out onto the shore and put your paddles down. Use your tube as shelter until the rain stops. Enjoy your adventure!

Tubes: These are special river tubes designed for rivers. This is the equipment we provide for your rental fee. Do not bring your own tubes.

Paddles: Paddles are not a necessity, because you can maneuver your tube sufficiently with your hands or feet but some people enjoy having more control with a kayak paddle. Bring your own or we have a small amount for rent for $3. You can bring your own paddle or we have some to rent for $3. Losing a paddle is expensive, so don’t leave it in the river.

Life Jackets: Highly recommended because they help you stay upright and afloat if you fall out of your tube. Bring your own if you have them. We have a limited selection of universal sized life jackets for rent for $3.

Ropes: We have some short ropes available to make it easier to stay together as a group. Tie one end to the tube’s handle and hold the other end. Highly recommended for parents who need to keep young children close. No charge.

Cameras/cell phones: Your tubing run will give you tonnes of opportunities for great photos and video. We take our cell phones on every trip and we take many photos and videos. We use a waterproof sleeve that we attach to ourselves. We sell these waterproof sleeves for $7-$16. There is still a risk of losing or damaging your phone. We want you to be aware of that risk. At the end of the season there will be a contest for the best video and photo.

Footwear: You will need footwear for getting to the river, for getting out of the river and you may need it if you get or fall out of your tube along the way. We recommend water shoes or sandals that are fully secured to your feet. Old running shooes work great too.  Anything less than this will likely get lost in the river. Bare feet are not a good idea because there could be sharp objects anywhere along the way.

Heat/sun and bug protection: There are some trees for shade along each run but we recommend a hat to keep the sun off you and adequate sunscreen. Depending on the season and time of day, there can be some black flies. We have never seen enough to warrant bug repellant yet.

Drinks on the water: Keep hydrated. We recommend bringing a drink container that can be closed and attached to yourself or the handle of the tube. We have affordable containers available for purchase for $8. We also have 3 styles of special hand-painted O’Kenny insulated tumblers. $31 – $42. We have plenty of water and cold drinks in our fridge.

Bookings for tube rental and campsites are by eTransfer to andrew@okenny.ca. All other payments can be made on-site by cash, debit or credit. Your $10 deposit reserves the essential tubing gear (the tube). Your start time will be confirmed the week prior to your trip. Please plan to arrive 1 hour before this start time.

The Muskrat River is a natural wild river. We don’t want our river tubing activities to harm or change the river. Do not bring anything with you that could be left behind as litter. Leave any cans or disposable bottles behind at your vehicle. We have affordable reusable water bottles available at our shop. The river cannot be altered from it’s natural state to make walking or tubing easier. If you are not prepared to walk up or down rugged trails or step in mud on the river bank, we suggest that a man made lazy river is what you are looking for. The river flow changes by season and with rainfall. When the river drops to it’s lowest level, there could be several shallow spots that require getting out of your tube and moving to a deeper spot.

Once you leave our property, we don’t have the ability to police your behavior, so you are responsible for your own conduct. Rivers are Public Property so all the same laws apply as if you were walking down a public sidewalk or boating in a river. Cameras are everywhere nowadays, so we recommend that you conduct yourselves accordingly. Any outrageous behavior could be caught on video and make it onto social media before you make it home from your day. A small portion of your trip could be floating by someone’s backyard. We would ask that you respect their property. Do not get out on their private property or make excessive noise. There are plenty of other places along the runs where laughing and shouting won’t bother anyone.

This is the most awkward question we need to answer. You may be floating in your tube on the river for as little as 1 ½ hours or as long as 3 hours. Everyone’s preference is that you don’t pee in the river, but let’s face it, who is going to notice? Please go before you float to avoid this.  If we put you down Moonshiner’s Run there is a bathroom available before you get on the shuttle but nothing until you get back. If we put you on Bootlegger’s Run there are public bathrooms at Pansy Patch Park and at the Marina where you end.

Fun Additions

Spirit Tastings

We offer tastings for groups at $8 per person. It is the best way to try all the O’Kenny Craft Spirits and learn all about distilling spirits. You can book this once you get you tubing time 1 week prior to your trip.

Amazing Food

Norki’s Snack Shack has developed a loyal fan base that loves the attention they put into their food such as fish ‘n chips, smoked meat, specialty poutine and smash burgers and more.

RV Camping

2 unserviced RV sites, 1 serviced RV site on the pavement with 20 amp electrical and municipal water.

Travel Trailer

Rent this trailer for $80.00 per night. Check for availability.

Tent Camping

Extend your experience by booking a campsite along the river. 6 sites available @ $39/night; Coming July ‘22; reserve your spot by sending $39.00 plus $5.07 hst = $44.07 by eTransfer to andrew@okenny.ca

Yoga Tube

Starting June 2022. Special Yoga designed for relaxation before your tubing run.

Kayak Rental

We have 3 kayaks available; we have a 500 metre stretch of river from our campsites upstream that is suitable for inexperienced paddlers. Experienced paddlers can take the kayaks further (1) 10 foot kayak, (2) 8 foot kayaks; $29/ 3hours.


We have 3 bicycles available. 1 adult, 2 youth/adult sizes; $20/ 3 hours. Ask for availability.

Axe Throwing

Coming in Fall 2022.

If you have more questions, please contact me.

Andrew Kenny
O’Kenny River Tubing

2 International Drive, Pembroke, ON K8A 6W5

613 281-1825 or email andrew@okenny.ca

River Tube Rental Prices

Let us know you are coming and your tubes will be reserved for the day you choose.

May Tube Rental

$1995Base Price
  • $14.95 Advanced Booking

June Tube Rental

$2500Base Price
  • $19.95 Advanced Booking

July/August Tube Rental

2900Base Price
  • $23.95 Advanced Booking

September Tube Rental

2500Base Price
  • $19.95 Advanced Booking

October Tube Rental

2200Base Price
  • $16.95 Advanced Booking

*book 30 days in advance to get advance booking price.

Same Day Show Up & Go

Base price unless we have a promotion, depending on the availability of gear.

 Week Day 24 hour Booking

Make sure your tubes are reserved and you have a shuttle. Base Price

30-Day Early Bookings

Best Price for booking the day you want early.

Shuttle Service

Upper Run: We can arrange a shuttle for you and your inflated tubes and paddle to the put in upstream from our Distillery Property.

Lower Run: We can arrange a shuttle back from the take out with your deflated tubes and paddles to our Distillery Property.

$7 flat fee per person. Ask for Fast Shuttle: only the driver needs to pay for the shuttle ride if they shuttle their own passengers.



 **Rental equipment is not used on O’KENNY property, so we can’t supervise how it is used. It is your responsibility to use the equipment safely and legally. We will provide information that will help you make wise choices.

Directions for Bookings

Please follow the directions carefully.

Send your eTransfer deposit for $10 per tube to andrew@okenny.ca. (eg. 8 tubes = $80)

Include ALL 8 required details WITH your eTransfer

Include all 9 of the following pieces of information with your eTransfer. An eTransfers has a place for this information called “Message to contact:”

  • Organizer’s Name; add a group name if you are creative!
  • Email Address; we need this to confirm your booking.
  • Phone Number; We might have something important to tell you!
  • Requested Date: May 19 – Oct 12
  • Requested start time:  1 pm or an alternate 4 pm or 10 am run; 1pm is our standard start time but don’t be shy to tell us if another time suits you better.
  • # of tubes reserved * this must match the eTransfer amount at $10 per tube; 6 tubes requires $60 etransfer.
  • How many will need a shuttle ride? We have it covered, no shuttle required; just 1 driver; multiple drivers __,  the whole lot wants to go on a shuttle ride__
  • Will you need overnight accomodations? tent campsite or rv campsite = $44.07/night etransfer, hotel room, 4 bed trailer,
  • Are you interested in having a spirits tasting?

Don’t send multiple etransfers in for a single group unless you need to add additional group members later.

For assistance call 613 281-1825 or email andrew@okenny.ca