Fundraising Opportunity Created to Fund Rebuilding Efforts of Flood Victims

PEMBROKE, Ontario (May 28, 2019)


O’Kenny Craft Spirits is excited to announce that they have created a unique fundraising opportunity that could direct thousands of dollars to those who were hit hardest by the recent floods.


The flooding started as O’Kenny Craft Spirits was deciding on their bottle and label design for their first product; a smooth vodka designed specifically for the Valley.


Owner Andrew Kenny wanted to do something to help the flood victims but was certain that his business was not in a position to do anything financially at this point. When he ordered his first pallet of bottles he realized that there was a common sense method to keep these funds in Renfrew County instead of sending a cheque to the bottle company in Montreal for every new batch. They switched gears and chose a bottle that is 100% re-usable. It has a unique swing top closure that is easy to identify from other liquor bottles.


Every bottle that is returned to O’Kenny Craft Spirits represents 1 new bottle that does not need to be purchased from their bottle wholesaler. O’Kenny’s cost for each new bottle is $1.35 when they buy 1000. Instead of ordering new bottles, they will pay an equal amount for every bottle returned to them. This is not a grand amount until you realize the quantity of vodka bottles used in Renfrew County every year. Kenny estimates that over 250 000 bottles are sold. Almost all of these are returned to collect a 20 cent refund. These bottles are crushed and made into other glass products. Recycling bottles is a good practice, however re-using bottles is much better economically and environmentally. The residual liquor left in an empty liquor bottle inhibits bacteria growth so they are much easier to sterilize and re-use than beer bottles.


O’Kenny does not consider this fundraising campaign as a donation from his new business but rather just a good idea to keep Renfrew County money in Renfrew County. Their company’s donation is limited to the time and cost required to sterilize the bottles returned to them. Sandbagging is a much tougher job than washing bottles. We are happy to do our part.


Market research conducted in January showed an extremely positive outlook for sales. Kenny says, “The Valley really likes to get behind their local businesses and especially locally produced products.” Kenny believes any sales above their forecasts would be the result of their customers getting behind this fundraising initiative. For any sales above their forecasts, they would increase the amount paid per bottle substantially. The fundraising would run for almost a year ending on the May long weekend 2020. All their payments will go to a fund administered by a local agency. We have dedicated our Vodka to the unstoppable spirit that we have in the Valley and named it “Valley Spirit Vodka”.


When O’Kenny first launches their “Valley Spirit Vodka” in June, it will be available only in licenced establishments, so they hope Valley residents come out to try their special feature cocktail that pays tribute to the hard work that saved so many homes and cottages. They will announce details about the cocktail including its name and the locations serving it in early June. The public can purchase bottles of Valley Spirit Vodka online by the end of June at

Locations accepting returned bottles will be announced as they are confirmed. Any business or organization willing to accept bottle returns should contact Andrew Kenny at 613 629-9000. Their Facebook Page will have the details @OKennyCraftSpirits.